Nordic Superfood Drinks & Cocktails

New Cocktail Concept of healthy effects of Nordic nature!

Nordic Superfood by Myrberg has a new bar concept for  bars and hotels that want to offer sugar-free drinks with high anti-oxidant content.

We have created HEALTH COCKTAILS together with drink creator and bartender Sebastian Törnell from Törnell & Bar.

"People today want to have other options when they go out and party. You do not want to intake unnecessary amount of sugar, colorings or additives, as otherwise it is in many drinks. We do trendy and healthy cocktails with Nordic flavors, packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, sweetened with agave syrup, and organic spirit '. says Linda, founder of Nordic Superfood, who deliver raw materials to the cocktail menu.

The drinks will originate in classic cocktails, but with a Nordic twist as t.e.x Blueberry Moijto, Seabuckthorn Margarita, Green Fizz (with nettle, kale and mint) or the Cosmopolitan (RED - lingonberry, cranberry and red currant.)

"Nordic Superfood products are fantastic to work with in a bar, is highly concentrated, people love the flavors and it´s also cool to have a healthy aspect of a barmenu. It is also geniuos when it comes to storage, we don't have to have of frozen or fresh berries that take up space in the bar. " says Sebastian, drink creator of the cocktail menu.

NORDIC SUPERFOOD's Health Cocktail menu can be tailored to different bar concept, but already now you can take in the 5 Health Cocktails if you want to boost your drinks menu with Nordic healthy cocktails.

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