FRIDAY, October 13, we launched our 'Easy Detox Box'! 

EASY DETOX BOX contains:

- 1 GREEN MIX - powder with nettle, greenkale and mint

- 1 LINGONBERRY rawjuice concentrate 195 ml

- 1 BLACK CURRANT rawjuice concentrate 195 ml

- 1 SEA BUCHTHORN rawjuice concentrate 195 ml

- 1 DETOX TEA with 14 nordic herbs and flowers 30 g

- Online brochure with information and guidelines on detox and fasting 

- Online brochure with delicious recipes

- 3 glass bottles to mix in and use on-the-go

As extra add ons we put in:

- 1 Nordic Superfood Collagen Premium+ 50g

- 1 Chia seeds 50g

which you can use in your juices

* All raw juice concentrates are sufficient for approx. 40 juices with water.

** At the end of each month, all customers who sign up for our newsletter will receive exciting recipes to follow on both fast days and regular food days so you can use your Nordic superfood products just the way you want!

SHIPPING to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, U.K, Germany and Italy

1195:- SEK  (Comparative price: 13,000: - for as many days cold-pressed juice from similar suppliers)


This is a box for you if:


  • You don´t have time to juice at home, especially not time to clean the machine!


  • You hate to carrie all those veggies with you home and they can´t fit in your fridge!


  • You think it´s expensive to buy cold-pressed juices!


  • You think health should be easy and fun!