Here, everything grows wild and we can go picking freely amongst the woods that are filled with natural energy and power! Just like organic products from free-range animals taste better, so do free freely growing berries and plants.

Health should be easily accessible as it was before, when you went out and picked cabbages from the earth, the berries on the bushes or lingonberries in the woods! This is why NORDIC SUPERFOOD has been created. It provides all people; children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women and the elderly the opportunity to taste the Nordic nature in its’ purest form. Bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that we so dearly need! Completely free of unnecessary additives and directly from the Nordic nature – Simple! 

I spa branschen jobbar vi alltid utifrån fyra hörnstenar, aktivitet, vila, sund mat och beröring. Målet är att skapa detta i din vardag också, då blir det balans i kropp och själ. Mitt jobb är att hjälpa folk dit...


Linda Myrberg



Linda Myrberg loves the Nordic nature and has over 25 years of experience in holistic health and fitness.

Myrberg trained as a spa director in 2008 at the renowned consultancy company ’Raison d'Etre’ in Stockholm. Today she is one of the leading spa consultants within Scandinavia. She develops, amongst other things, sauna rituals and health/ spa products for leading spa and design companies (often with a focus on Nordic traditions).

Holistic knowledge och diet

Linda also has extensive training and education as an acupuncturist in Chinese medicine TCM (4 1/2 years), ear acupuncture and nutrition. She provides lectures in holistic health philosophy and arranges holistic anti-aging retreats and events (amongst other things), often in collaboration with the renowned fitness profile, Blossom Tainton.

The interest in clean and healthy food has stayed with Linda for many years and she is constantly developing new healthy recipes that she exhibits at their events.

Myrberg has appeared as a TV coach, health expert and writer for various magazines as well as provides lectures on Nordic health trends worldwide. She has her own blog where she will share her health tips and spa/fitness experiences.

Her longstanding background in the spa and fitness industry has provided her with a broad range of skills and understanding of the body’s needs, health and wellbeing. Over the years this has also led to experience gained in teaching, coaching and providing other insights into how best to create a life filled with health and wellness form a holistic perspective.

The goal is to reveal what health benefits; food, sauna, fitness and thoughts can give to your body and how to achieve vitality and retain energy throughout life.