Why berry powder and RAW juice?

There is berry powder – and it is an authentic berry powder


NORDIC SUPERFOOD – is an authentic berry powder, made from freshly harvested wild berries that are dried at a low temperature for 2-3 days in order not to destroy the sensitive vital substances, known as raw food. All biological nutrients from the berries are procured from the peel, pulp, juice and seeds.

Pressing the juice from berries and binding together the nutrients gained from the liquid produces plain juice powder. This requires an additive, which is usually maltodextrin however, it this type of juice powder completely lacks fibres.

Another product you may find on the market is ‘fibre powder’.

It is a berry powder that certainly has no additives, but to call it an authentic berry powder would be a misleading term because the quality is often substandard. Fibre powder can be made from wild berries, however all the juice pressed from them are sold separately as an expensive juice. What remains is a fibrous mass of berry peels and seeds, with a lower nutritional value. These cultivated varieties can impact the environment and contain substances that do not suit those in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.


Diet supplements & Vitamin drinks

Health products and dietary supplements in the form of tablets or (liquid) vitamin drinks always involve additives, pasteurization and other factors that ruin destroy the raw material.

A blueberry created by nature itself contains a wealth of nutrients that work together synergistically in order to increase the beneficial effect on health. The only healthy alternative to a pure berry powder is to eat fresh wild blueberries, however it can be difficult to have time and access to collect a sufficient amount that we need.

Many of the berry’s healing properties (various fatty acids), actually come from the seeds. The juice contains 30-40% of the nutrients and the peel consists of around 20%. The rest are within the seeds. When eating fresh or frozen berries, our chewing process rarely crush the small seeds, therefore they are swallowed whole, providing no benefit. The ground powder form assimilates the whole berry in our body. The simplified absorption and concentration of dried whole fruit, makes the berry powder a great choice economically.

Choose the right superfoods

NORDIC SUPERFOOD is from the wild nature and therefore, purely organic and biological which harmonizes the body and the environment.

Note that the production methods in the cultivation or production are usually the largest single energy culprit and therefore one of the causes of greenhouse gases, far more than, for example, transport. Another downfall with cultivation is the use of art fertilization, along with other things leaking into the oceans through eutrophication. The worst plantations are found in fresh or seawater pools (such as Spirulina) because spillage of fertilizer runs directly into the water.

NORDIC SUPERFOOD is produced in cooperation with RE-FRESH SUPERFOOD in Sweden.

NORDIC SUPERFOOD and RE-FRESH SUPERFOOD’s ambition is to have the majority of our food picked wild from our local area. Choosing NORDIC SUPER FOOD & RE-FRESH SUPERFOOD is a healthy and simple choice on all levels.