I love Nordic Superfood by Myrberg! My favorite is "GREEN " with nettle, kale and mint" -I use it every morning.

Maya Nestorov, "Oslagbar hälsa" blogger

I use Collagen Premium+ everyday! Holistic living.

Patrik Lernberger - Lernberg Stafsing hairdesigner

Love my morning smoothie with Nordic Superfood - it consists of Collagen Premium and Nordic Superfood Yellow ( Seabuckthorn , Rosehip & Raspberry )

Blossom Tainton/ Fitness profile

Beauty Boost with Kombucha, Collagen Premium - right now, the best option for your skin!

The Daily Good
I love Superfoods, especially Nordic Superfood, and include them in my daily diet . I use the green with lemon water every morning!
Ida Björnsund/ weekbecomesstrong

I love to keep myself healthy - Nordic Superfood is a great option - I use them in smoothies and as vitamin water. To me, it's important to not catch a cold and Nordic Superfood is filled with antioxidants.

Josefine Myrberg - star from TV program Idol

I love working with Nordic Superfood , both as catering and events -  various products with high quality!

Kristina Svensson - rawfood chef

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